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Classic Game Room - SEGA SG-1000 MKII console review Classic Game Room reviews the classic Sega SG-1000 MKII game system from Sega released in 1984! This old school game computer plays game cartridges and Sega My Cards, it's like the precursor to the Sega Master System!


Yamaha SG 1000 ~ Yamaha first started producing Guitars in the 1930's. - eHow by ~._*G*_.~


The Sega SG-1000 (also called the Mark I) was Sega's first home console. Although a market test was conducted in 1981, it would be another two years until the SG-1000 received it's full launch, putting it in direct competition with the NES. Sega's arcade background meant that a number of arcade games were converted to the system, most of which were very well done.


SEGA SG-1000 Mark III: someday you will be mine!


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