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Shakuhachi flute

Lot 199: IVORY NETSUKE Depicting a shakuhachi flute player with a basketry mask. Signed. - Eldred's | Invaluable

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ELOPING WITH THE SUN: " counteract this turmoil like trees and birds ) personnel: William Parker: double bass, shakuhachi flute, sintir, n’goni kemlah n’goni, thumb piano Joe Morris: guitar, banjouke, banjo, double bass, fiddle, pocket trumpet, whistles Hamid Drake: drum set, frame drum, cymbals, gongs

Shakuhachi flute Cleaning cloth -Tsuyutoshi -Flute cleaning cloth-Flute care

A traditional type cotton cleaning cloth (tsuyutoshi) with string and steel bead. Designed to clean moisture and dust from the inside of your shakuhachi flute. Instructions for tying the weighted string to the cloth with a removable knot included.

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“A komusō (虚無僧) was a Japanese monk during the Edo period. Komusō were characterised by the straw basket (tengai) worn on the head, manifesting the absence of specific ego. They are also known for playing solo pieces on the shakuhachi flute. The Japanese government introduced reforms after the Edo period, abolishing the sect. Komusō means ”priest of nothingness” or “monk of emptiness”" - Wikipedia

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Details about The famous Handmade Traditional Professional Flute Shakuhachi (Xiao) Beech Wood


Bamboo Whistle ~ Shakuhachi Flute style, Musical instrument-Flute-Mouthpiece-Pocket instrument-Bamboo-Bird caller-Bird whistle

A unique whistle and great way to hone your shakuhachi flute playing skills! Good introduction to the shakuhachi flute for children. Shaped just like a

A komuso Buddhist monk in Kamakura, Japan. Komuso monks travelled widely on pilgrimage, hiding their faces under straw hats to help them to achieve humility. They were adherents of Fuke Zen Buddhism, and they used to be a common sight in Japan. They played the shakuhachi flute both as a form of meditation, and to call for alms. Ninja may have disguised themselves as komuso monks so they could travel freely throughout the country without arising suspicion.

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