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I loved this show until it jumped the shark bad!! But it's a classic!! Wish they would finish releasing the whole show on DVD - i own season 1 and that's it :(


Danielle Panabaker (born: September 19, 1987, Augusta, GA, USA) is an American actress. She began acting as a teenager and first came to prominence with Disney films Stuck In The Suburbs (2004), Sky High (2005), Read It And Weep (2006), and in the HBO miniseries Empire Falls (2005). She also acted in Shark TV series (2006–08), Mr. Brooks (2007), Friday the 13th (2009), The Crazies (2010), The Ward (2010), Piranha 3DD (2012), Bones (2012–13), Necessary Roughness (2011–13) and Justified…


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Lost in Space. I so wanted the Jupiter 2 to make it home... The show was only good during its first season (in black and white) when Dr. Smith was evil, the Robot was just a robot, and the plots made sense. Once Dr. Smith turned goofy and the Robot developed a "personality," the show jumped the shark. "Danger, Will Robinson!"


There's a reason these rakish little sedans had a starring role in that rakish little movie, Gattaca... The Rover 3500s, based on the somewhat more stodgy P6, has a buttoned-down, "leaned-back" quality that's British in the most Patrick Macnee sort of way. If you don't know what I'm talking about, put Gattaca and The Avengers (the British TV series, not the superhero movie) on your Neflix queue with all due speed.


#Empire is an American musical drama television series which debuted on #FOX on January 7, 2015. The show centers around a hip hop music and entertainment company, Empire Enterprises, and the drama among the members of the founders' family as they fight for control of the company. The hour-long family drama was created by Lee Daniels and Danny Strong, and stars Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson. Cinelease provides lighting and grip support on the set of the hit series. #LightEverywhere

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Which TV Mom Would You Be Most Like?

Weeds, a suburbian housewife, that finds herself in the world of dealers and crime. Very very funny. Love it since years.