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12 Fascinating Things About Relationships

This shows contemporary changes inclusive of males on menarche information that wasn't typically done in previous centuries.

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Indiscreet "vampire teabags" Zip Pouch for Tampons, Menstrual Pads, Feminine Products

indescreet toiletry bags. LOVE the vampire teabags one!!!! And the cotton ponies one! Must buy one! hahahaha...SHARK WEEK! Hahahahah!

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this is me during shark week. and by shark week, I mean when I'm on my period.

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Yes. True. Completely. NOW perhaps men will understand why we can get a tidge grumpy when that "time of the month" arrives.

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17 Things That Prove Having Your Period Is Actually Hilarious

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Problems Girls Have To Deal With (And Small Ways We Can Fix Them!)

This is all I have to say about today, and yesterday, and tomorrow #killme

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