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Shaving Bumps

Kool Player Anti-Bump Spray 4 oz. by Nairobi. Save 22 Off!. $10.90. Spray. Nairobi Koolplayer Anti Bump Spray protects the skin; preventing shaving bumps, ingrown hair, breakouts and irritation.


Coochy Rashfree Shave Cream - Tropical Tease from Classic Erotica. A tantalizing allure of island breeze, sweet coconut & satsuma oranges sp...


Electric Smooth Away Vibe Leg Hair Remover Removal Vibration Epilator by LikMe. $5.35. Each Smooth Legs pad is covered with superfine crystals that buff away unwanted hair. Smooth Legs works great on sensitive areas like the bikini line, and will never leave painful razor bumps, burns from hot wax, stinging from creams, or nicks or cuts from razors! Just buff lightly and the hair is gone. And the best part: less and less hair grows back, finer and slower each time! us... #epilator


Natural Shaving Creams for a closer shave

6 natural shaving creams for smoother closer shave - Honey can also be used to soothe your skin and help prevent bumps and boils caused by shaving.

from Dr. Axe

Get Rid of Razor Burn or Bumps, Naturally!


Edge Ultra Sensitive by Edge Shaving Gel. Save 35 Off!. $3.79. Fragrance free!. Won't clog pores. Fights Razor Bumps. Wont' clog pores. Edge Active Care Advanced Ultra Sensitive Gel is uniquely formulated to be non-irritating and to fight razor bumps on even the most sensitive skin. The Ultra Sensitive formula contains no dyes or perfumes that can irritate extra sensitive skin and it won't block pores. A special blend of moisturizing lubricants helps prevent nicks, cuts, and razor burn. ...


10 Tips You Want To Know To Avoid Razor Burn On Your Bikini Line

If your hair removal method of choice is shaving, then you’re well aware that it can sometimes seem like razor burn is inevitable. Having razor burn anywhere on our body is bad enough, but having it along our bikini line is just super annoying. Forget the fact that the visible red bumps are frustrating – razor burn … Read More


How to Heal Shave Bumps on Legs

Unwanted Body Hair is So, Well You Know–Check This Out! #nomorehair #laserhairremoval #beauty #skincare