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How to Avoid and Get Rid of Shaving Bumps

When we don’t have time to get a wax or don’t have patience for the hair to grow enough to get a wax we turn to shaving our legs or any part of the body that needs a shave and it is hairy. It is a fast and quick method and perfect for when you …


The BumpBan is a device used by men and woman as an aftershave. It prevents and eliminates ingrown hair, which is the primary cause of shaving bumps, razor bumps, and razor burn. For more details visit us -


"How To Treat & Cure Ingrown hairs & Shaving Bumps: Wet Shaving Tips & Hacks w/ Douglas Smythe"

Do not stretch you skin while shaving as it makes it more prone to razor bumps, the tiny pimple like bumps that sometimes follow shaving. #skin #shaving #bumps

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COOCHY SHAVING CREAM 8oz Helps Prevents ingrown hairs & shave bumps, protects & soothes skin, (AVAILABLE IN PLAYFUL PLUMERIA & OH SO ORIGINAL ) Coochy Other