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Random Posts About Anyone! @shawnsmybaby Meet and Greet Go...Instagram photo

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Man Candy Monday - MAGCON EDITION

ATTENTION Mendes army I am looking up phone numbers that possibility might be Shawn Mendes "phone number" so I will give a update. And if u have any numbers you want me to try comment below and I will try. Thx. PEACE. :) -Katie

Have 36,795 pics on this phone (my old one) sooooooo only pick 1-111!! Thanks Alessandra :-P

imagine: you are in the crowd, he is looking directly at you. he has called a short break, to have management get you from the crowd and bring you up on stage. you get to sing stitches acoustic with him, and you leave with his phone number in your pocket.

Haha this tweet^^and Jacobs #<3 Wonder if he still has it or nahh!!!! COMMENT BELOW IF YOU TRIED TEXTING IT OR CALLING IT OR EVEN FACETIMIED IT<3 ;)

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Exclusive Premiere! You Have to Watch Vine Star Shawn Mendes's First Music Video

Happy Birthday Babe!!! I love you ssssoooo much! Hopefully I meet you someday!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!! Xxxxxxxx