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Fairy Garden with Stone Path. You can use silk leaves on the roof that will last a little longer than real ones, but real ones will continue aging and that looks neat too. The little girl in me still finds this delightful!


Create a garden roof on your chicken coop! It helps keep the coop cool in summer and warmer in winter, and looks gorgeous. What a fabulous idea - wish I had thought of it first!


Nailing roofing felt onto a shed Check out the full project I'm going to be attaching heavy duty roofing felt to a pent shed roof. The roof has an 18cm overhang 18cm all the way round the shed and obviously I will be nailing the edges to the wood of this overhang.My question is: would it be better to nail into the underside of the wood (nailing UP as it were) or cut the felt to fit and put the nails into the side (so without the fascia they would be visible when looking at the shed side…

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12 Backyard Pallet Projects for Today's Homestead

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Create Good Feng Shui with Vertical Wall Gardens

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