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Simple Sheet Metal Brake: No Welding

I love working with metal, but I've always struggled to get perfect 90° bends. Generally, I'll stick the piece to be bent in the vise and smack it around until it's bent. Since it almost always bends crooked, I end up rebending - and generally just making a mess of it.For my next project I was going to need to bend some cardboard, which inspired me to first tackle a bending brake. Since I knew I would end up bending things much harder than cardboard in the future, I designed the brake to...


This bench-top box/pan brake can bend sheet metal into various shapes. It mounts to a workbench. It can accept up to four foot wide stock and bend 135 degrees. With the various width teeth, they can be adjusted to fit the width of the bend needed within minutes with one wrench. The clamping thickness can be adjusted from 0 to about 0.25 inches, but I would be extremely lucky to bend something that thick. The throat can open to over four inches. This brake was built from scrap I received…


Sheetmetal Brake by kess -- Homemade sheet metal bender brake 805 mm length. Step by step guide, materials, dimensions. First use and testing with stainless steel sheet (AISI 304) 0.80mm thickness for the making of a BBQ 800x400mm. This is the first part of a series of three...