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PTSD was known as "shell shock" in WWI

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A shell shocked soldier in the trenches during World War One. "I don't know why, but I find this image strangely beautiful. Grievous, but beautiful. I am not sure of the photographer of this piece or the name of the soldier in the photo. I do know that it is the cover image of the book "Broken Men: Shell Shock, Treatment and Recovery in Britain, 1914-30," written by Fiona Reid. If anyone knows the photographer's name, I would appreciate it very much."~Sethaka.

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The Forgotten Female Shell-Shock Victims of World War I

The Forgotten Female Shell-Shock Victims of World War I — Studies about the mental-health impact of the war have focused almost exclusively on men, to the detriment of the women who suffered on the front lines and the home front. | The Atlantic

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Shell-shock during World War II. I love this photo. It shows so much in this simple scene from war.

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Clivipolia fragaria

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Nautilus pompilius Linnaeus

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Painted auger

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Noble Scallop - Chlamys senatoria nobilis

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GLYCYMERIDIDAE , Glycymeris gigantea

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