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Lazy Girl's Guide to Mandarin Chinese - Survival Skills

Lazy Girl's Guide to Mandarin Chinese - free, easy quick-start guide for total beginners and newbies. learn survival language skills for a short trip or quick visit to China or Taiwan! This vital vocab is enough for you to get by in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Taipei, Shenzhen, Chengdu, etc without spending money or too much time. Simple conversation, easy words, vocabulary blog blogger skills survive blog blogger vlog vlogger necessary vital imperative needed important phrases…


Youth Hotel of iD Town, on the hilltop of the seaside valley, was originally served as one of the dormitory building in Honghua Dying Factory’s residential area, representing the settlements of the first batch of immigrant labors after the open-reform ...

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Gallery of Aedas Reveal Dynamic New Design For The Shenzhen Luoho Friendship Trading Centre - 1


Do I Know You? by Derek Galon on 500px When on a business trip in Shenzhen, China, I stumbled upon a tiny old alley squeezed between high skyscrapers. Life seemed to go there on a different time, like clock stopped decades ago. As poor as this neighbourhood was, people of this old town seemed warm, patient and kind. Tiny streets were welcoming, and offered a glimpse at another world...


Completed at the end of 2011, the financial office tower was designed with a curving glass body and pointed tip.