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    Sherlock Molly

    Sherlock & Molly. He keeps sneaking those in.

    28 Reasons To Like Louise Brealey, AKA Molly From "Sherlock" She actually does sound like the kind of smart, snarky, witty, mischievous, deviant person I'd like to be friends with :-)

    I respect the hell out of Benedict as an actor... But after this... I think I just became a Cumberbitch... Oh my!!

    15 Incredible Pieces Of "Sherlock" Fan Art. Actually this one might take the cake. By oirbmeamu on deviantart.


    Anyway here’s Wonderwall: It makes me really happy to think that Sherlock would literally sweep Molly off her feet as often as possible. It warms my cold cold heart.

    16 Times Benedict Cumberbatch Was The World's Sexiest Sherlock - Except the Moriarty one

    WOW. Read this article NOW. It's a simply ingenious interpretation of Sherlock's mind palace scene in His Last Vow. It's things like this that make me say that Sherlock is my favorite show of all time, and my favorite fandom of all time.

    I love Molly. She’s so ordinary; and yet she’s not a shallow character. I love this moment because Sherlock realizes he’s underestimated her observation skills and just stands there, speechless, outdone by little Molly Hooper; and you can tell from his face that he knows what she just said is true, and he almost looks guilty that he’s been unkind to her. I love how Molly brings out the humanity and compassion in Sherlock. (scene gifset)

    Harry/Ginny, Sherlock/Irene, Sherlock/Molly, 10/Martha, Harry/Ron, 11/Clara, Jack/Gwen, Harry/Neville

    Teenager Sherlock - Molly ---- A kid who seriously grieves because he killed one of his imaginary friends has some mental issues. And the fact that that kid *would* be Sherlock makes me very sad.

    Sherlock. This video literally makes me cry every time I watch it. MOFFAT! Why do you do this to me???

    My power over you grows stronger yet. Genius. (Luise Brealey) IS THAT CUMBERBATCH HOLY CATS I THINK IT IS!!!

    Sherlock 30 Day Challenge — Day 24 — Most underrated line [This fandom gets a LOT of mileage out of "You do count" & "You." But for some reason I don't see much of the conversation that occurs between those two lines. I love the question Sherlock asks here. He seems genuinely concerned that if he wasn't "The Great Sherlock Holmes," Molly wouldn't still care for him. ...Then there's wonderful, sweet Molly who, without a second's hesitation, without question, confirms that his concern is invalid.]

    You can't tell me he doesn't like her. A lot. Even if it as a friend.

    Lexie sometimes draws • Prompt: Sherlock/Molly; violin + dancing. The...

    If Molly and Sherlock end up dating (which they'd better!!!!), their texts to each other would be HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!

    "The Woman Who Counted (Sherlolly Fanfiction) - Chapter 1" by TheHeartOfADetective - "After the fall, Sherlock Holmes stays with Molly Hooper while he dismantles Moriarty's network."

    Oh his face. I just adored their little tag-team.

    Because John might be Sherlock's best friend but Molly is always going to have Sherlock's back.

    Tumblr Reacts To "Sherlock's" "The Sign Of Three"--> This... just this... this completely and totally sums up the episode, especially the last part!

    She made Steven Moffat break his own rules. | 28 Reasons To Worship Louise Brealey, AKA Molly From "Sherlock"

    the one that saves me | sherlock & molly BEST SHERLOLLY VIDEO EVER. also if someone could tell me where t get the song we'd be besties

    Sherlock said this to Molly...I cried the whole way through this episode.