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Sherlock Molly

{why Molly rocks} the only person who can get him to HONESTLY apologize and feel bad for things :)

  • La Sirena

    I don't think Sherlock realized that he liked her (as a person, although I ship Sherlolly) because she is so peppy, mousy. He just wrote her off. But he seems to be realising that there is a lot more to Molly as she slowly comes out of her shell.

  • Dasha Fedenko

    Yes, I know, but I mean that it's never been anything official, from the moment they met

  • Sometimes Sassy


  • Dasha Fedenko

    I mean, Molly has total control over him, and it's not even like she's someone special to him... How awesome is she?

(gif) "Molly: Are you okay? Don't just say you are, because I know what that means—looking sad when you think no one can see you. Sherlock: You can see me. Molly: I don't count..." Sherlocks face when Molly says "I don't count"...oh the feels :(

  • Rebekah Farquhar

    I think this is my favorite scene, to date, just because He Finally realizes !!!!

Sherlock & Molly. He keeps sneaking those in.

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Molly is pretty observant in a different way that Sherlock. I think that once she got over her initial awkward crush, she showed a whole new layer to herself. This was one of my favorite scenes from this episode, along with the "You've always counted" scene.

I saw this the first I time I watched it. It also once again proves that Sherlock is head, but John has the heart. <-this part made me actually mad at Sherlock. I felt so bad for Molly...but then when Sherlock apologized my heart melted, because that's something he never does, which means he must be really sorry.

  • Anna Garren

    And after all Sherlock's saying that John sees but does not observe...... John sees and observes a lot more that we know. :(

Because who else could break up with Moriarty and survive? Oh and help Sherlock fake his death...although I haven't quite worked out how that one happened yet. AND she's the only character that wasn't in the original Sherlock she's a complete wild card.

To be fair, though, he did have a lot of monologuing in The Sign of Three. It's much easier to learn lines when someone else shares time speaking.

  • Dael Breagh

    Benedict says he has a hard time learning by rote, that he still has a bit of adhd from childhood. Martin Freeman was saying that Benedict was having a nervous breakdown trying to do the wedding monologue. They played charades to pass the time while Benedict struggled. I've gained even more respect, if possible, for his work on that show since learning how incredibly hard it is for him to do those scenes when he has to talk in one long thought stream.

  • Candice Rogers

    Martin Freeman has way more acting under his belt. When you've been doing it for that long it's easier, obviously. Poor Ben, he tries so hard too.

  • Slap Chop

    He's also said in interviews he struggles to remember his lines and then gets frustrated with himself

Sherlock Holmes x Molly Hooper: the progression of a relationship. by lexie-sometimes-draws

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"idk i mean i look at this and all i see is sherlock being comforted by molly after he had to fake his death and leave john behind."

Sherlolly. Sherlock. Molly Hooper. I think it says something that she was in his mind palace and was a voice of trust and assurance when he was dying.

"It was indoubadoubly dose derived. It was then that they took me and shined their light between my eyes. He said "What are ya new? Why are you here? What's the catch?" -Incubus

I love Molly Hooper so much. She knows its hopeless with Sherlock but that doesn't stop her from trying to show people he really has a heart. I think she tries to bring out what's best in him, and even though she may get offended by what he says in return, she knows that somewhere inside him there's an actual man that doesn't think any of those insults are true. Also she's a complete bamf :)

I get the shivers when I watch this. Sherlock and Molly Hopper. Sherlock and Dr. John Watson. Sherlock (BBC). Benedict Cumberbatch.

  • Jana Cahill

    He showed he was a Real Man after all when he got confused about Molly's present and Irene's phone. Then his eyes show he is now afraid of Molly because she can make or break his Life. Ha Ha

  • Leah Freya

    Acording to moffat sherlock wouldnt do well in a relationship... Hes not a girlfriend type cause he might poison her if hes but then again moffat is a LIAR!! And gatiss is a TEASE!

  • Leah Freya

    Well no, cause "the woman" is always irene adler. Molly is just the one person who matters the most... Idk what that means and it certainly isnt a romantic thing... But yeahh...

  • Kara Tutor

    I have a theory from the end of scandal in belgravia,when sherlock places Irene's phone in the drawer and says 'the woman' he hesitates and sees Molly's gift in the drawer and says 'THE woman' any thoughts??

  • Katie Hickman

    I applaud her. If Benedict Cumberbatch told me that he needed me, I would go crazy.

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Sherlolly! Sherlock/Molly #bbcsherlock

Thats the point of the relationship - its show the limitlessness of friendship!! I dont ship Johnlock, I think Sherlock would end up with Molly because she has always seen the good in him and she would try and make him a better person (if that was possible haha)

  • Felicia Gomez

    I haven't read all of the comments, and quite frankly i don't care to get into the arguments that i'm sure are going on. I would just like to state that I am a Johnlock shipper, and i still admire the deep friendship between the two and am perfectly capable of accepting the fact that there are people out there that do not ship it.

  • Lauren Marie

    I respect the Sherlock / Irene ship. I think they'd have fun for a little while, but then I think Sherlock might get tired of her. She'd pull all the same sorts of tricks, and they might actually have too much in common to make it work long-term. She likes to misbehave too know, with Moriarty.

  • Deanna Kalian

    Abby what was it called?

  • Abby Richter

    I don't ship sherlock and irene, but I did read a really awesome fan fic about their daughter

  • Deanna Kalian

    I feel like I'm the only one who ships Sherlock with Irene. I can't find ANYONE else.

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Stephen and Mark on Sherlock and Molly....have I pinned this? I'm pretty sure I pinned this already


shame on you benedict for giving us hope that sherlock/ben might like molly/loo. but then again...I love that there is always hope. #heartmelting

Sherlock Molly Hooper <---- glad I'm not the only one that thought of this ship when I hear this song! :)

As much as I know it will never happen (and would never work, anyway), I can't deny that I ship Sherlock and Molly a little.

  • Alexia Crisford

    I don't think there's any reason to belive that shellolly would not work out... I ean Molly is absolutely in love with Sherlock and I think that Sherlock too has some feelings for Molly. Yes, he would sometimes be inconsiderate, rude and insensitive but I don't see why Molly wouldn't be able to handle it. I mean, she did fall in love with Sherlock even after all his imperfections AND she SLAPPED Sherlock so no point in thinking that it would break her. Yes, Sherlock wouldn't be the ideal boyfriend but don't you think that if Molly wanted a ideal boyfriend, she would've stayed with Tom instead? Also, I believe that Molly would be the only woman who wouldn't mind having body parts in her/Sherlock's fridge if they were to move in together

  • Hayley Healey

    Agreed. I can see the inconsistencies between her jawline and neck now. Oh well, we can still dream.

  • Megan Eddington

    Yeah, actually, I think you're right. Crap. That's a bummer.

  • Debbie Mason

    Pretty sure it's Photoshopped. At least Loo's face is. It could be a real spread of Benedict with a model.

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Sherlock & Molly. The Sherlock fandom = The only fandom where two people looking over a dead body can be considered cute.

Sherlolly for StrawberryPatty -AS- commish I by *Sempaiko on deviantART - Sherlock & Molly

Sherlock and Molly character development.....and I also ship them to the moon and back.

Sherlock. His last vow. #SPOILERS