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Sherlock Molly


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28 Reasons To Like Louise Brealey, AKA Molly From "Sherlock" She actually does sound like the kind of smart, snarky, witty, mischievous, deviant person I'd like to be friends with :-)

Much of the fan flailing was due to some VERY unexpected moments, like Sherlock kissing Molly.

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Tumblr Reacts To "Sherlock's" "The Sign Of Three"--> This... just this... this completely and totally sums up the episode, especially the last part! *sob*

  • Kate Purcell

    ... There are plastic forks painted a metallic silver. They look very nice, and actually can be used for weddings without offense.

  • Kristen Hendrie

    And like Sherlock would have allowed cheap plastic forks for John's wedding!

  • Natalie Trowbridge

    Everyones saying thats a plastic fork but im pretty sure she stabbed him with a metal fork. First of all, its a wedding, second of all if you look close it looks like metal

Sherlock and Molly. Go ahead. watch it a million times. sexiest. gif. ever.

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I got Sherlock! To do the test, click the image. Do the test, then find which character matches the 4 letters that you end with.

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I respect the hell out of Benedict as an actor... But after this... I think I just became a Cumberbitch... Oh my!!

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"Which "Sherlock" Character Are You? You got: You are Sherlock Holmes. BBC/PBS Shrewd, anti-social and brilliant. You knew you were going to get this result before you even took the test, didn’t you?" Yes.

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16 Times Benedict Cumberbatch Was The World's Sexiest Sherlock - Except the Moriarty one

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BBC Sherlock

Sherlock. This video literally makes me cry every time I watch it. MOFFAT! Why do you do this to me???

SHERLOCK BBC Sherlock and Molly. Shelolly. Or how to kiss properly. I wish I was Molly in this, that hair ruffle!!

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Yes the gang is all here, but who is this new person to the right of Molly? | The 30 Pictures From "Sherlock" You've Waited Nearly Two Years To See

  • Kayla Hinton

    Molly is the only one wearing bright colors

  • Natalie

    I know. Like I said almost a year ago, that ^ was the caption that came when I pinned the picture.

  • Natalie

    What? I pinned this 9 months ago so I'm not sure what you're talking about...

  • Liv Gibson

    Everybody is acting like season 3 hasn't come out yet and I've seen it before... Have I been to the future? Or is the world playing a prank on me

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Which "Sherlock" Character Are You --- Molly, Molly all the way :)

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molly. i never liked her fiance. remember the last guy she brought on to the show? yeah, that was moriarty! If molly's not with sherlock, she can't be with anyone

Maybe Sherlock and Molly could happen. | The 30 Pictures From "Sherlock" You've Waited Nearly Two Years To See

What’s that you say, Sherlock and Molly are going to happen in some way then? we wish! | The 9 Best Theories About How Sherlock Faked His Death

But you probably know her as Molly from Sherlock. | 28 Reasons To Worship Louise Brealey, AKA Molly From “Sherlock”

Phantom of Baker Street

Molly being an absolute and utter HBIC... | Tumblr Reacts To "Sherlock's" "The Sign Of Three"

I've seen this quote tons of times...but this application is perfect.

this is absolutely to be my favorite piece of sherlolly art that I've ever seen

the one that saves me | sherlock & molly BEST SHERLOLLY VIDEO EVER. also if someone could tell me where t get the song we'd be besties

  • Kindra Smith

    Wonderwall covered by Ed Sheeran. The original was Oasis. Both are great and this version is perfect for the video.

  • allison whipple

    So what are U Saying ?!:-)

  • Claire R.

    Ed Sheeran cover of a Ryan Adams cover of a rock song. The Ed Sheeran one is on youtube, the Ryan Adams one is on itunes for sure just search for Wonderwall Ryan Adams and it should pop up.

  • allison whipple

    I love Sherlock its just like Doctor Who !:-)

  • Amy Burkhalter

    Yes but it's covered by Ed Sheeran

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Molly's face!! MEAT DAGGER | Community Post: The 23 Best Moments From "Sherlock's" "The Sign Of Three"

I have to admit, even though this is hot my first thought was "why is Molly kissing Khan." LOL

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