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Sherlock season 4 trailer

Here's the first teaser for Sherlock season four

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[GIF] SHERLOCK ~ Season 4 trailer. Benedict Cumberbatch.

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SHERLOCK (BBC) ~ S4 trailer #2 (:40). Released on December 10, 2016. PBS.

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Sherlock: Series Four - Teaser - YouTube.....seriously guys this is so amazing i wanna cry its fan made why is it not official whhyyyyy???!!!!

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SHERLOCK Season 4 Comic-Con Trailer (2016) - OK SO I was watching this and at around 1:11 there's a clip of Sherlock in what looks like a morgue, and he looks completely devastated; his lip is trembling, he's at a loss for words, etc. My theory is that someone close to him has died. What if it's Mrs. Hudson! Or Lestrade! They wouldn't kill off John, though, right? What are some of your theories?

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I wonder if Sherlock is actually telling someone that he loves them, or if he is being forced to say this, or it's code for something.

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Time To Freak Out, Because The New "Sherlock" Trailer Is Here

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First look at 'Sherlock' season 4 shows Cumberbatch, canine companion

BBC releases a new image of Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes consulting with a dog we hope sniffs out clues as fast as his human friend does.

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