I am not a fanfic reader, but This fanfiction is surprisingly real to character and just. It is long but definitely worth the read! - Never read fanfic before EVER but this was fantastic

The Woman Who Counted (A Sherlolly Tale) - Chapter 1 - The Woman Who Counted

This is a second commish done for the lovely StrawberryPatty/EmceeFrodis from the Sherlolly fandom. It is for her story "Always Something" ~a personal fave of mine! links: story = author = her tumb.

You should read "Beneath The Skin [A Sherlolly Fanfiction] but I hat how people will write an amazing fanfic then stop without explanation

Rough sketch of Sherlock and Molly dancing after their wedding…<<<<<<<< Why do people always think I wear pink socks?

Some short sherlolly fanfiction I wrote hope you liked it.

Some short sherlolly fanfiction I wrote hope you liked it.<< I like this because of reasons

The SAMFAs: 2012 Winners - The Sherlock And Molly Fanfiction Awards! - The best of the best Sherlolly fanfiction. I have been reading the crap out of these.

The Killing Moon Inspired by The Killing Moon by Echo & The Bunnymen (Because I love this song and this is a little homage to “Love Story and Tournaments of Lies”) A small illustration x 14 cm).

His Pathologist (A Sherlolly Fanfic) - His Pathologist (A Sherlolly Fanfic)

Sherlock has longed for Molly. For a long time. It eventually starts to show. From the wedding to the infinite.

Damaged (A Collection of Sherlolly Drabbles/One Shots) - Damaged

30 Day OTP Challenge OTP: Sherlock x Molly Day One: Holding Hands. (by Lexie sometimes draws)