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Shiny Dashboard

Catch UP Android App - , Using Catch UP, you can link multiple social network accounts, and see the updates from people and connections you select. This way:* You don't have to wade through all the noise to get to the most important stuff.* You don't have to see advertisements.* You don't have to log in and out of different accounts.Core features are available to all the users, free of charge and advertisement, forever. However, there are some limitations on the number of…

The girls just found this elegant fellow on our neighbor's lawn. They ran to get me right away, I picked him up and was instantly in awe. As I held him in my hand I studied him closely, being drawn to the open beak I could see his tongue suspended still and motionless. In that moment I felt something... Like he became a character full of energy with a lively voice


Silvery fish by Mary Jo Hoffman a collection of small silvery mediterranean fish: daurade/dorade, merlu, merlan, maquereau, sardine valras, france


Four shiny mobile apps ready to use in your next project. Crafted with love during our last design hackathon. Enjoy!At Netguru we regularly run internal design hackathons. This time, there was no imposed theme, so we could let our imagination run wild. …