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Diagramme d'un ancien bateau de guerre

Shipbuilding industries developed to produce these much needed, and quite complicated vessels.

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Baker's Dozen of the Napoleonic Era - Page 18 - Armchair General and HistoryNet >> The Best Forums in History Historic Ships of the Napoleonic Wars

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"HMS Sutherland"s Last Battle," by Geoff Hunt. Hornblower in action with four enemy ships of the line off Rosas.

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HMS "Royal George" (3), 100-guns first rate ship of the line launch at Woolwich in 1756

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HMS Victory -- Example of a British Ship of the era. The Battle of New Orleans December 1814 - January 8, 1815

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A razee or razée /rəˈziː/[1] is a sailing ship that has been cut down (razeed) to reduce the number of decks. The word is derived from the French vaisseau rasé, meaning a razed (in the sense of shaved down) ship.[2]