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You have my attention! One of the best art works to add to your LG Black Stainless Steel Series kitchen. Kind of takes my breath away. Port Royal, Jamaica by Sarel Theron. Home of the Buccaneers and Pirate, Henry Morgan.

Shipbuilding industries developed to produce these much needed, and quite complicated vessels. http://joyfulmolly.wordpress.com/2007/10/27/resource-updated-molly-joyfuls-list-of-naval-and-historic-resources/

Diagramme d'un ancien bateau de guerre

A diagram illustrating a first and a third-rate ship of the line. This is one of the best cutaway images I have ever seen of these ships, lists every single

"The Heavyweight Punch," by Geoff Hunt. "HMS Victory," "HMS Temeraire" and "HMS Neptune" leading the line at Trafalgar on Oct. 21, 1805.

The Heavyweight Punch. In the misty calm of the morning of October three of Britain’s most powerful ships: Victory guns), Temeraire and Neptune are seen in full sail, majestically bearing down on the enemy line off Cape Trafalgar.

HMS Victory -- Example of a British Ship of the era. The Battle of New Orleans December 1814 - January 8, 1815

HMS Victory is a first-rate ship of the line of the Royal Navy, laid down in launched in and shown here in She is most famous as Lord Nelson's flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar in She is the only surviving example of a ship of the line.

"HMS Sutherland"s Last Battle," by Geoff Hunt. Hornblower in action with four enemy ships of the line off Rosas.

Geoff Hunt Print - “H. Sutherland’s Last Battle" Captain Hotatio Hornblower in action with four enemy ships of the line off Rosas Hornblower was given command of HMS Sutherland, a Dutch-built 74 gun ship of the line, as a reward for his exploits aboar

HMS "Royal George" (3), 100-guns first rate ship of the line launch at Woolwich in 1756

HMS Royal George first rate ship of the line launch at Woolwich in 1756 John Cleveley the Elder, "The Royal George at Deptford Showing the Launch of The Cambridge" - detail/

Polish artist Marek Ruzyk's oil paintings capture the beautiful atmosphere of sea exploration from centuries past. ️ ⚓️

Magnificent Hyperrealistic Oil Paintings Capture the Glory of Ships at Sea

Marek Ruzyk is a Polish painter who specializes in marine art. His seascape paintings, done in oil, are reminiscent of classic century artworks.

The Largest ship afloat, The Spanish Santissima Trinidad (1763-1805) with 136 guns was more than a match for anything the British could mobilize, including the famous HMS Victory.

"Santisima Trinidad," by Geoff Hunt. First-rate ship, she was the Spanish flagship at Trafalgar.

Hibernian-74 Gun Ship of the Line - Screenshots - Show Your Creation - Minecraft Forum - Minecraft Forum

Modelling Ships in Blender: A guide I’ve been interested in the age of sail my whole life – pirates, galleons, the East India Company, but the ships are the stars of the show.

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French first-rate ship of the line, laid down at Toulon in launched One of the

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Digital Art by Igor Artyomenko

Look great from here Digital Art by Kazakhstan based artist Igor Artyomenko. Sunset of empire Portrait 1 Epic battle When time stands still Rain byigor artyomenko Mills valley Little red riding hood Fabulously… Continue Reading →

Collection of Art Deco tourism adverts set to sell for £200,000

Collection of Art Deco tourism adverts set to sell for £200,000

088 - Normandie, vintage travel poster, French Line, The worlds most perfect ship

HMS London (1840), was a two-decker 90-gun second rate ship of the line of the…

HMS London was a two-decker second rate ship of the line of the…

December: Asteroid Mapping, by Dan Uyeno - Starship USS Thantos patrols the Romulan Neutral Zone. For more information on the creation of this painting, see http://madkoifish.wordpress.com/2011/05/03/a-bit-of-mid-tos-stuff/.

Ships of the Line 2013

J. M. W. Turner - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Fighting Temeraire, JMW Turner, National Gallery - J.