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The Greatest Love Story Ever Told I'm not usually such a Destiel shipper but this was just beautiful T-T

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Juuuust sayin’… Supernatural Castiel is the tomato in this analogy, Dean is the tomato in every other circumstance, and Destiel is canon

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It is only season 3. You wouldn't be able to tell by the large fanbase and the fact that the ship name Olicity is in the Urban dictionary. Tumblr.

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Thank you > Lol people still don't understand! A beard is not an insult! It's an actual term used in the celebrity world. Its been used even before One Direction were a thing. Its not derogatory, its a legit term.

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Meanin of ship Via the Urban Dictionary

Basically the PHANDOM Ina nutshell. I wanna marry Dan, I wanna marry Phil, but more than that, I wasn't them to marry each other!

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I'm getting old. Urban Dictionary: ship N: Short for romantic relationship, popularized in fanfiction circles. V: To endorse a romantic relationship.

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