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Ship Wreck

The Red Sea

A pair of divers explore the 100-metre long cargo ship Giannis D, one of the biggest wrecks to be found in the Red Sea

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So What If I Think Pirate Ships Are Beautiful. Shut Up.

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L'esthétique de la ruine

Ship graveyard: a location where the hulls of scrapped ships are left to decay and disintegrate, or left in reserve. Such a practice is now less common due to waste regulations and so some dry docks where ships are dismantled (to recycle their metal and remove dangerous materials like asbestos) are also known as ship graveyards. Plus

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I would love this. It would scare me, but I'd love it. wreck diving | Technical Wreck Diving

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Subjects From Many Angles, a Photographer's Work

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When you delve underwater, you never know what you'll find! How about this wreck in the Maldives?

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Boca Grande Wreck in Boca Grande, FL - The shipwreck is thought to be the remains of a freighter and is located 32 miles offshore in 95 feet of water.Gives you an idea of how clear the water is!!

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