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from Etsy

Fine Art Collection Japanese painting Hokusai‘s The Great Wave of Kanagawa white Shirt or sleeveless top with wave collar

From PurpleFishBowl on Etsy - $78 / £48 She does shorts as well!: I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! ~H

from Etsy

Mori Girl Bustier Coat S/M, Upcycled Clothing, Light-weight Hoodie Flannel Coat, OOAK Artwear Duster Coat

Mori Girl style long coat from a light-weight Hoodie and Flannel Shirts. A sewn-in Bustier from several flannel shirt collars. I have been saving the collars for this piece for a while... now it's finally here! The hem has open "rips" ,various fabric patches and quite a few pockets.... Closes in front with just one button at the waist-line. I made a braided fabric belt from strips of flannel pieces.

from Storenvy

Once upon a time collection chic white long shirt with dream deer in collar from PurpleFishBowl

Misha's  Once upon a time Collection. Stories, fairies, tales, animals, wonderland. To those still believe. Since it's made by hand, the item couldn't be as perfect as industrial product, I love design and will do my best, however if you are a perfectionist, please consider carefully. Than...


The white shirt with a twist! The Disarm Shirt is oversized with raw edges at the collar and overlapping split back. Style it with flare jeans and sneakers for a perfect everyday look.