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SNAP (They All Hate Us)

shit happens, o la vida te sorprenderá con una puta mierda cuando menos te lo esperes. afirmo. fdo. luis


Lol shit happens and sometimes you can't control it till it knocks you down. well hell once you know for sure. change is all thats left.


Le “scuse” del giorno dopo

the moment you realize your husband is actually a mental case and he will try to give you nothing but more twisted shit and a miserable life after divorce LOL shit, shit, shit


It's Monday babies. Today I dare you to rock what you've got unashamed unafraid and unapologetically. Hair looking a mess? Ain't no thang. Slip up at work? Psssssh all good. Mistakes happen. Whatever little annoyance threatens to rock the boat of your manic Monday I dare you to scare it off with a megawatt smile and the power of positivity. You are fierce strong unstoppable. Grab today by the you-know-what and rock it out. And whatever shit you've got going on darling just fucking own it…


Minus the "really well," making it "dress." Or minus the "really," making it "dress well." Whichever, I like this advice. It is time.


"Look, just leave me alone, okay?" I said sharply, slamming my locker so that it closed with a loud crash. The hurt look on her face made my heart sag inside my chest, mentally slapping myself for what I said. Marlo was only trying to help, and now I felt like a huge jackass. No-- correction, I am a huge jackass. At one point or another in my life - probably after my dad died- I suddenly stopped being nice. That makes me chuckle. I used to be nice, who would've thought?