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from 55 Hi's

Shitty Friend

If you are anything like me, I probably owe about 150 back-cards for late birthday wishes. Its not that I dont care, its just Facebook never gives me enough notice to put a regular Happy Birthday card in the mail. This is all Facebooks fault.

from Bloglovin’

How To Spot A Shitty Friend (In Ella's Element)

Seriously i went through a horrific thing just for being your friend!! Not even trying to be involved in YOUR DrAMA !! Funny how it all works out to me being the shitty friend tho ! Just count all the people who were also shitty friends you e lost time to look in the mirror on who is the shitty friend and who is the stalker!


I am that friend, i always have been that friend. I never supposed to let u down. u said that u would never hurt me, that u loved me for always being there. For helping u over and over again, even when i felt shitty myself. and now ? you did what u said u would never do again. he hurts you, but you are too loveblind to see it, it kills me to see you like that. but u dont care what i think anymore, cause u think you have the world in your hands with him

My friend saw this wonderful thing on campus a few days ago. #carmods #modauto #modbargains #showcar #cars #carenthusiast #Automotive