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The Love. Shiva/Shakti. Yang and Yin, the static and the dynamic, consciousness and Kundalini.

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Ardhanarishvara, a composite androgynous form of the Hindu god Shiva and his consort Parvati, who represents the masculine and feminine essences combined; a figure of temperance / Nilam, Kirlia More

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Understanding Hindu Metaphysics

Shiva Shakti power. And if you ask me, it looks like another symbol for the two kabbalistic pillars.

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Goddess Shakti... The divine feminine power who is one half of Lord Shiva and is responsible for the manifestation of all mattter and energy in the universe. Shiva is latent energy, the potential source of all cosmic powers. Shakti is dynamic force which releases and converts the energy to matter and the elements. Lord Brahma took the elements and created the planet Earth and all its species. Shiva alongwith Shakti wield the greatest power. Lord Vishnu is the presever and protector…

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Arthanareswar,shiva and parvati,two bodies one soul.

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