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The 2003 night-bombing of Baghdad, as aired live on CNN. The home audience is given a sanitized view of warfare, as American bombs lay waste to the city. The "Shock and Awe" of the mission's title is as much directed to the enemy as it is to the American people. That is, seeing these images is intended to impress, and to give the impression of a targeted and necessary attack, one that is minimizing civilian casualties and "getting the job done."

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Who Knew!

WHO KNEW!! you print out words on basic white paper, but in mirror image form… lay them on the wood… with a damp paint brush wet the paper on top of the words… use the cap of a sharpie to rub on top of the letters to help them transfer … then remove the paper and stand in shock and awe!

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Meet Juliette, the RAF bombshell who terrified the Taliban in her fighter jet

Flt Lt Jules Fleming in front of her Tornado GR4


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Luis Alvarez, Robert Bacher, Hans Bethe, Niels Bohr, Norris Bradbury, Robert Brode, James Chadwick, Charles Critchfield, Enrico Fermi, Richard Feynman, Klaus Fuchs, Maria Goeppert-Mayer, George Kistiakowsky, George Koval, Mark Oliphant, Norman Ramsey, Bruno Rossi, Glenn Seaborg, Emilio Segrè, Louis Slotin, Henry DeWolf Smyth, Edward Teller, Stanislaw Ulam, Robert Wilson and Leona Woods


Celtic Shock And Awe, With KILTS - Wild Eyed Southern Celt Celtic shock and awe, using kilts, is usually a winning tactical move. Whether on ancient battlefields of old or in modern sports arenas, #kilts have always provided maximum impact....

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Mrs. Guilty Pleasures #3

Alright friends, I'm bringing out my guiltiest of big guns here - the above pleasure is usually only something I'd divulge to my single closest peer! What I'm about to say may bring about epicurean shock and awe...but,  this dish would be my last meal request prior to permanently nodding off! There isn't one redeeming quality about this infamous casserole - but put a steaming hot bowl upon my place setting and I loose all poise and control! I detest stumbling upon altered versions of…

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Kim Woo Bin flaunts his perfect chocolate abs in new Uncontrollably Fond stills

Kim Woo Bin and his perfect chocolate abs in new Uncontrollably Fond stills


"Women, War and Peace" PBS Series Examines Role of Nobel Prize Winner Leymah Gbowee in Liberia