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Triplets beat odds of 200m-to-1 to be born genetically identical

The triplets were delivered by Caesarean section at 31 weeks. Rocco was 3lb 5oz, Roman was 3lb 6oz and Rohan was 3lb 10oz.

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Anaphylaxis Shock Symptoms from Anaesthetic Caused by Cough Medicines

The World Science Festival brings together great minds in science and the arts to produce live and digital content that presents the wonders of science and the drama of scientific discovery to a broad general audience.

Transplant Shock Symptoms and Treatment 1)Boil water with 3 tablespoons sugar and allow it to cool. Apply this solution to the roots at transplanting time. It will act as a transplant shock preventer. 2)Plants can be treated with aspirin water as it is beneficial for plant’s health. It also acts as an immune system booster for crops. 3)Compost tea mixed with water can be used to water the plants. It is another effective remedy to treat transplant shock.

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What are the Real First Aid Skills?

Saving lives is a mindset. It's knowing how to do what you need to do and not being afraid to act. With the exception of using an Epi-Pen, nothing on this list requires special tools, just your brain, your hands and your quick action.

Check your blood sugar if you can but if you cannot, begin to treat the diabetic shock symptoms anyway. But do not panic and start cramming food.