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Short Creepypasta. . In the old days, a let of the time little kids were buried with their favorite toy. It eould be wooden sailboat, a little baseball bat, an

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E.J I MISS YOU SO MUCH !!!! Really, why I cant saw him as a monster or Demon !!? In my eyes he is the Best Handsome guy (?) in Creepypasta !What wrong with me !? OH MY GOD !!! *screaming

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Zombie feels...

Zombie feels...

This is the cutest thing,I mean seriously they remained loyal to each other even when the human turned into a zombie he didn't even scratch his dog and his dog even hunted for him. And the dog died for him,not knowing if it could come back from death.

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Just open up - one of the best short horror stories i've ever read!!

The Creepypastas, text; Creepypasta

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Create Your Own Creepypasta Meme by on @deviantART
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