The short-faced bear, extinct about 12,500 years ago. Stood 5.5 feet at the shoulder and was 10 feet long. When standing upright, it was over 11 feet tall. The weight is estimated to be over 2,200 pounds, about 500 pounds more than a large modern grizzly. This bear's long legs and flattened face are distinctive features of the species. Arctodus had a preference for open plains environments, such as Pleistocene Fairmead.

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Arctodus simus (Giant Short-Faced Bear) from the Quaternary in South Dakota © 2004 David Smith

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size of giant short faced bear, Arctodus simus, compared to a human. I have to say I am glad we don't have these running loose.

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The South America giant short-faced bear is the largest bear ever discovered, at 3,500 pounds and at least 11 feet.

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The short-faced bear, or Arctodus Simus, is an genus of bear that inhabited North America during the last ice age and went extinct about 10,000 years ago. It may have been the largest predatory land mammal of its day. Experts disagree on the exact nature of it's diet, but there is speculation that it would steal other predator's kills by using its intimidating size to run them off.

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Arctodus, American giant short faced bear, late Pleistocene Ice Age. 6' tall at the shoulder, 13' tall if standing on its hind legs, about 1400 pounds.

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