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Top 15 Moral Stories For Kids

Is story time an essential part of your kid’s day? Do you like to teach him about various things, places and values through stories?


Discussing different views of morals is critical in the 21st century classroom. It is important to encourage questioning, and with discussing the meaning of morality, and what society views as moral and immoral, students learn more about where they sit on each debate.

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Moral Short Stories With Pictures: Clever Rabbit & Foolish Lion

Here is an illustrated short story "The Clever Rabbit and the Foolish Lion." Short stories with pictures and morals to discuss are popular with young children and their parents.


[Click on this image to find a short video and analysis of Joseph Gordon-Levitt describing why he needs feminism] Once upon a time I posted on an AskReddit thread asking about your worst date. I described a date in which a man I had been out with a couple times prior came over to watch a movie and when my tiny, sweet dog Sushi jumped in his lap he shoved her VIOLENTLY off of him (she hit the entertainment center!!!) and snarled "I don't like dogs"....~ Molly McIsaac


50 Best 3D Animation Short Film videos around the world for your inspiration - part 2

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True story. Also, most armed bodyguards are hired by 'fat, scared' white people who are millionaires because they make crappy movies filled with lies, while talking of the evils of "rich, white people".