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By Evan Kirstein, M. Ed, ACC, CACP I have ADD. Which means by the time I was 6, I was known for being lazy, short tempered, unprepared, forgetful, a daydreamer and a troublemaker. But also… the class comedian, a heart-breaker, a highly creative problem solver, and ambidextrous – but maybe that was because my handwriting …

This is Aithusa. Yes, I know I named her after Morgana's dragon in Merlin but I did it because the meaning of her name is exactly what I was looking for. She is the elder sister of Thora, though that never gets mentioned. Both are head strong, intelligent, short tempered, loyal and have a penchant for "causing trouble".

Mass Effect: Top 10 Series Companions Happy N7 Day! November 7th has become something of a worldwide celebration of all things Mass Effect. This year were promised new details on Biowares upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda as well as a brand new full trailer.But in the mean time lets take a look over the series past. Regardless of what your Shepard looks like acts like or the choices you made throughout the series one thing is a constant across all of our playthroughs of the original trilogy…


CHINESE YEAR OF THE TIGER. Get in-depth info on the Chinese Zodiac Tiger personality & traits @


Secrets of Fareeda Positives: softhearted, affectionate, reliable, leader, adventurous, confident, easygoing, charitable, sensible, compassionate, ingenious, independent Negatives: gloomy, arrogant, short-tempered, unreliable, uncompromising

Merik Nihar is the prince of Nubrevna, the admiral (temporarily) to the Royal Nubrevnan navy, a ship’s captain, and a really, really short-tempered Windwitch – meaning, when his rage gets out of control, so do his winds… | Truthwitch by Susan Dennard @stdennard | YA Fantasy


"Imagine Dean taking like a low dose of Steroids! It's starting to affect his emotional state, it's staring to affect his physical state. He's getting a lot more short tempered and he's feeling a lot more strength and less emotional about some situations and becoming more of a tool of hunting and it's starting to take its toll on him and you'll see that as the season starts to wrap up .... It also means I'll have to do more push-ups during the day." - Jensen to interviewer