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Creative Biolabs has overcome the current drawback of sequencing based on traditional methods and developed “Database Assisted Shotgun Sequencing" (DASS) technology, which provides de novo antibody sequencing services for research, diagnostic and therapeutic industries.

Plant natural product research can be facilitated through genome and transcriptome sequencing approaches that generate informative sequence and expression datasets that enable characterization of biochemical pathways of interest. As the overwhelming majority of plant-derived natural products are derived from species with little, if any, sequence and/or genomic resources, the ability to perform whole genome shotgun sequencing and assembly has been and will continue to be transformative as…


Chiappa Triple Barrel Shotgun-the Triple Crown comes equipped with longer 28″ barrels and has a fixed stock, while the Triple Threat has shorter 18.5″ barrels and a stock that can be partly disassembled. Both guns feature a single safety and does not have a barrel selector; the firing sequence for these firearms start from the lower right barrel in a clockwise fashion.


CD Genomics offers highly flexible shotgun library construction services, including shotgun sequencing of the completed library.


Mafia III destroys more rackets than John McEnroe: Further proof positive that I am bad at this job. That headline is an extremely…

RNA-Seq reveals the mechanisms of transcription regulation during heart development - As the human genome size is 3G bp, next-generation sequencers can easily cover the whole human genome, thus this sequencer is suitable to use for genome-wide analysis. Indeed, many methods are developed using next-generation sequencers, such as the combination with chromatin immunoprecipitation and sequencing (ChIPseq) and whole-transcriptome shotgun sequencing (RNA sequencing; RNAseq). These…

Petrous bones versus non-petrous bones. Percentage of non-clonal endogenous DNA recovered after shotgun sequencing. The sampled bone/tooth portion is circled in red. N.A. indicates that the library did not pass quality assessment for sequencing.