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Japanese School Uniforms difference based on location

I freaking HATE my school because we have to wear lame ass uniforms with just a polo and pants while freaking japan has these freaking kawaii uniforms

A series of tweets by a Japanese artist depicting the various female uniforms of different high schools in Aichi Prefecture has taken the internet by storm. Her charming illustrations are positively bursting with love for both her craft and prefecture, and now we all have a handy guide to recognize the school of an ...

Talented artist illustrates adorable catalog of Aichi Prefecture& female high school 

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I wanted to base my characters clothes off of Japanese school uniforms. This is because the design works well with multiple colours.

pleated skirt black or blue

Salior Pleated Mini Skirt -

Ok so I bitch a bit about having a school uniform but it is very convenient, I'd actually LOVE it if I could customise it a bit like this

This school had the same uniform for 500 years - WTF fun facts

This school had the same uniform for 500 years - WTF fun facts<<is it just me or the corridor they are walking down remind you of Harry Potter?