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Make an old shovel work like new (and look better, too) by following our simple tool care tips.

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Steel Round Point Shovel The punishment for Vestal Virgins breaking their vows of chastity was being buried alive. However, Amulius did not want to anger the Gods and instead spared her life.

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Shovel Head Socks | Mens

With the largest selection of unique novelty mens socks online, The Sock Drawer is a one-stop shop for any man looking to round out his wardrobe.

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Love this idea - maybe try with a faux wall finish and use paper lace doilies pressed into glaze faux layer then pulled back off ??? Will try on a practice wall board and see. :) Pretty lace shovels

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11 Repurposed Garden Tools Ideas

Have some old garden tools of no use? No, don't throw them! Here're some of the best Repurposed Garden Tools Ideas to look at.

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