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SHTF Medical Skill of the Day: How to make Chloroform (SHTF Surgery) Could you handle surgery without a sedative?

Top Trades To Know When The SHTF | Homestead survival tips at #homesteading #homesteadingideas #survivalist

How To Hot Wire A Car When The SHTF - SurvivalistDaily.... (This is in no way an encouragement to go steal a car tonight. You can go to jail. Don't be stupid :P) #survival #shtf #bugout

SHTF Life Hacks | Secret Prepper Tip List -By Survival Life Contributor on May 5, 2014

Ten Essential OTC Medications to Stockpile - SHTF, Emergency Preparedness, Survival Prepping, Homesteading

  • Dawn Hayes

    Rob, I'm not recommending that people go out and get fish and bird antibiotics by any means. But if you do some research on these antibiotics you will find they are the same that are sold as a prescription and filled at your pharmacy. You also should know the dosage for them ( infants, toddlers, teens and adults). But they could come in handy if and when the time should arise. But always go to your Dr when necessary.

  • Rob Lewis

    incredible, would love to know more

  • Dawn Hayes

    Did you know that fish antibiotics are safe to use. Check it out and stock up.

DIY Home Security for Preppers | Badass SHTF Home Defense #survivallife

How to Get Free EpiPens! Finally - no more co-pays for EpiPens. You can have a set for school, a set for home, a set for grandma's house - all that you need for FREE! Click here for details and to sign up for the program.

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Step by step description and pictures to build your own Root Cellar - shtf shelter

  • Nadine Hurley

    I'd like one of these. Buy in bulk keep it for months. Especially when things are in season and inexpensive

Best Bug Out Locations | Where To Go When The SHTF #survivallife

How to Make a Soup Can Forge, diy, how to, blacksmithing, knives, shtf, prepping, homesteading, melt metal,

A Guide to Veterinary Drugs for Human Consumption - SHTF Preparedness

Forget Shipping Containers Use Box Culverts - SHTF, Emergency Preparedness, Survival Prepping, Homesteading

  • kristen Stephens

    yeah i would not " ship" them with anyone *crawls into fandoms*

  • BentnWasted

    I'd more likely do this!

  • David Margosian

    Not disagreeing, but shipping containers cost at the most 6k for a brand new 40ft, most common are 20ft and are about 4k brand new.

Make your own Vinegar (it's easier than you think)….going to use those crabapples going to waste in my back yard to do this. This is one of my preps and will be a needed item in the community when the SHTF since vinegar can be used for food preservation, cleaning, sanitizing and medical purposes.

Door Brace | It may look small, but this thing can withstand some serious force. #survivallife

How To Make Whiskey - SHTF, Emergency Preparedness, Survival Prepping, Homesteading

Survival Foods That Lasts Forever - Great to have for SHTF | Survival Recipes and Food Ideas for Prepping | Survival Life Blog :

  • Suzan Aldrich

    I had a warning pop up about malware when trying to view this site

How US Special Forces Would Secure Your Home When SHTF [ good good good stuff! Check out his site too, lots of training available online and in Central and West Texas. ]

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The Miracle of Tea Tree Oil: 80 Amazing Uses for Survival - SHTF Preparedness

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56 Long-Term Survival Foods and Supplies at the Grocery Store.. If you have more please add them here

13 Uses For Wood Ash I never knew 11 of these! Great article.

Embrace Your Inner Pirate: 5 Important Considerations for your Survival Cache