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Watch Your Words by Saving Annabel Lee "Shut up! Shut up! You idiot! Do you know the consequence! Of what you said! Of what you've done! Wrap your hurtful lips around a gun! Pull the trigger and shoot straight through me! Then all the pain! You'll finally see! Sow your lips closed! Shut your mouth! Watch your words! You stupid fucking girl!"


Hahahaha! One of these days, the ultimate question is whether it would be said to a customer or a coworker! LoL


Just saw a CNN article on babies that were born at 10:11 on 12/13/14

Staff meetings, your drama filled life, you worked 5 12hr shifts, your baby daddy drama, the fact you have an admission and your negative attitude! SHUT UP!! NO ONE CARES!


I know the politics won't shut up until November, but all the other stupid people should button it up!


30 Super-Fun Products You Definitely Need This Summer

Blow-up bowling game for the backyard! Shut Up And Take My Money – 37 Pics