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09/13/16-ROSENBERG, TX - URGENT - Pets at Ft. Bend Animal Control September 9 at…


DOUGHNUT - A1088592 - - Manhattan *** TO BE DESTROYED 09/17/16 *** WHO DOESN’T LOOK FORWARD TO A DOUGHNUT?? …A volunteer writes: Doughnut is a powdery puff of a girl. She is shy and does a lot of twisting and turning when you extend your hand to entice her to be petted. You can tell that she wants to be, as she moves forward, back and all around, but it takes Doughnut a while to trust that you mean well. Once her desire for affection overcomes her timidity, sh


SASSY - A1085252 - - Manhattan ***TO BE DESTROYED 08/24/16 *** SECOND CHANCE FOR SENSATIONAL SASSY!! SAVE SASSY NOW!! Housemates SPOT & GARFIELD already SAFE!!…SASSY is seven years young, SPAYED and a bit on the shy side…..Her housemates have been rescued and now SASSY needs a Purrson too!! SASSY’s owner moved and didn’t take them…..THIS CUTE CALICO NEEDS SOMEONE NOW!! Get your applications in NOW!! THE ACC WON’T WAIT AT NOON TOMO

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Panda-monium! These adorable twin cubs have been born at Longleat

These gorgeous twin red panda sisters were born at Longleat Safari Park seven weeks ago, and the first pictures of them have just been released. The shy and solitary red panda is endangered in the wild and it's only the second time babies have been born in captivity at Longleat


MONSOON aka LUCKY - A1087800 - - Staten Island *** TO BE DESTROYED 09/09/16 *** MONSOON LOSES OWNER…. The ACC’s notes are a little convoluted but the gist is that MONSOON is no longer in his home and he is a shy guy to begin with so this trip to the ACC has been upsetting for him to say the least…..MONSOON is three years old, a healthy 12 lbs and already NEUTERED….sadly, the ACC saw fit to slap this grieving cat with a NEW HOPE rating….BUT ALL


Shy otter is a little hesitant to introduce himself to the others - September 2, 2016


09/08/2016 SUPER URGENT TO BE DESTROYED TODAY AT noon 09/08/16. 5 year old Ex-pet OWNER MOVES, PRINCESS DUMPED BACK AT THE shelter, shy, quiet cay, likes playing with her toys, fearful and hides around children, solo cat, needs tlc and a new home today.


Abby - URGENT - Calhoun County Humane Society, Inc. in Anniston, Alabama - ADOPT OR FOSTER - 3 year old Female Pit Bull Terrier Mix


COTTONCANDY - A1088214 - - Manhattan *** TO BE DESTROYED 09/06/16 *** MISSING PART OF FRONT LEG!….In what seems to be an old injury or possible birth defect, COTTONCANDY has been a shy neighborhood cat for several years, she is already SPAYED so she may have come from a colony……Someone got the brilliant idea to trap her and bring her to the shelter. For a girl like COTTONCANDY it’s like a visit to hell…..She is terribly afraid. If she wouldn&