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Sick Leave Reasons

ALERT - Black Man SLAUGHTERED By Thug Outside Bar, The Reason Why Is SICK

They really have a good reason, it's not just because they're picky or annoying


I'm realizing this during the part of my life when I need people the most. high school sucks and I'm great full to the few people who are constantly caring and loving for me. I love you xx

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Emergency Preparedness Food Storage List

Emergency Preparedness Food Storage List | Reducing Food Waste #sponsored Marty and I believe in being prepared for emergencies. You never know when a freak snowstorm will leave you stuck at home for a week (or when zombies will attack) so it’s a good idea to be prepared. I’d hate to be stuck at home and realize that I am out of the basics I need to feed my family or take care of them if someone is sick. For this reason, we make sure that we have a stockpile of food and medicine just in…


Taurus: Anybody would be lucky to have you. You can provide the kind of warmth, security and stability that almost everyone craves.

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Alkaline Eating: Tips and Tricks To Lose Weight, Fight Inflammation and Prevent Cancer

In fact, these foods are highly acidic and inflammatory, meaning that they can impact your body_s natural acid-base balance. This is why you need alkaline.


I hate this feeling. This feeling of being alone. Being sad for no reason. I hate how everytime it seems to get better I just sink right back in. People always ask why I cut. It takes away the pain. Makes me feel numb. I don't want to die. I just want to be saved