I like the placement of this tattoo. I've been thinking about getting a particular quote in that same placement or on the other side/edge of the arm. My quote I want to get, being a burn survivor and having gone through quite a journey is this by Kahlil Gibran: "The most massive characters are seared with scars."

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live love laugh tattoo lower arm, wish i saw this before i got my live love laugh tattoo! love this placement!

I love the simplicity of the lotus flower. Im thinking this might be the one for my calf.

I don't know what it is that I love about this, maybe just how perfect the linework seems. But it would fit nicely along the side of my arm.

Mickey cover-up....turn upside down though and connect with bring vines down my side to connect to lower back tat.

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This is what I'd like on my right leg around the Chloe and Jon tattoos. I love this!

I may get this on my wrist after i cover my other tattoo....or on my side where my infection was

phoenix-I'd get this in watercolor orange, red, and yellow probably on my upper arm or side

Love the idea of a theme sleeve tattoo.. just gotta find one that speaks to me.

ahimsa, yoga principle of non harm. Probably a good reminder for me to tattoo on my arm too.

If you're going to be inked, it may as well be your furever love! Am I right?

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