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Smith-Victor Condenser Microphone with Low signal to Noise Ratio - Black (SV-LVM1)

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Dual CS5000 3-Speed Semi Automatic Belt Drive Turntable •Maker: Dual •Specs: Motor- EDS5000, Drive- Microprocessor controlled quartz belt drive, Platter- non-magnetic removable, Tonearm- integrated low mass aluminium tubular tonearm, Kardan, OPS, Signal to noise ratio- 80dB rumble weighted signal to noise ratio, Cartridge: OMB 20E HiFi DIN 45500, Stylus: DN 20 NE Biradial, Frequency range: 10Hz-28kHz •Origin: West Germany •Date: 1985


Smith-Victor Stereo Condenser Microphone with Low Signal to Noise Ratio - Black (SV-SM1)

Stereo Condenser,Condenser Microphone,Black Sv,Ratio Black,Victor Stereo,Low Signal,Smith Victor,Noise Ratio