When most people think of diabetes, they might have a stereotype-driven picture in their head that isn't necessarily accurate. But diabetes is a common disease that can strike anyone, and sometimes there are plenty of early signs of diabetes that are

SIGNS OF DIABETES Are You Becoming a Diabetic? Four silent warning signs you shouldn't ignore

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A great breakfast for a Diabetic is oatmeal! Don't buy the kind that comes in pouches and has tons of salt and sugar in it! Buy quick oats or regular rolled oats. Make it every morning for yourself. Top it with cinnamon and apples for a tasty meal! Diabetics need to eat small meals throughout the day to keep their blood sugar from spiking, so try to plan out at least five eating times if you can. Start... FULL ARTICLE…

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What are the signs of diabetes? 10 diabetes symptoms you can look out for - Millions of people fall prey to diabetes every year. While there are no particular symptoms that are indicative to it, there are some signs which, which observed continuously, should allow you to detect diabetes at an early stage and be able to seek treatment. Here are some of the most common indicative symptoms of diabetes... Source…

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Signs of Diabetes Insipidus: -decreased urine specific gravity (<1.005) -high serum osmolality (>300 mOsm/kg) -increased urine output from a deficiency lack of ADH. Drug of choice: vasopressin

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Signs of diabetes are important to diagnose at an early stage. Most people have signs of diabetes for a long time.These signs of diabetes and symptoms of diabetes vary from person to person." http://www.warningsignsofdiabetes.com

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Do you have any early signs of diabetes? These symptoms can go unnoticed for years. In fact, 1 in 3 people don’t know they have diabetes. These are common symptoms of undiagnosed diabetes for both adults and children. See it here: http://www.dietvsdisease.org/9-early-signs-of-diabetes-symptoms-in-adults-and-children/

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