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So freaking awesome! The original Silent Hill movie is in my top 5 all time favorite horror flicks. "Silent_Hill_Cosplay_by_PinkertonGraphics.jpg (774×1032)"


As I sit upon the stairs to the large church, he approaches, knife dragging behind him. "Pyramid Head..." I whisper, quickly standing and drawing a deadly sharp dagger from my boot. I simply back away and enter the church, blocking the massive doors with a pew. I then walk around the large hole that enters the mine fire, where poor little Alessa lies and I sit, waiting.

from gamesradar

this is what dysmorphia feels like for me. there are times when i literally feel twisted, misshapen and like lumps of flesh. i'll feel like i don't even have a human body at all, it's just some grotesque shell. it's really hard to explain. thankfully this feeling is rare.