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Colorful Bengals.Wow, a cat like I saw in my dream is in this photo, the one that is white with silver outlined spots. I sure was surprised to see it, didn't know such a cat was real!


RISNSUN YETI OF BENGLORY | Yeti is a remarkable snow-colored Bengal. He has most unique thick and silky fur that is pleasant to touch. The luxurious color is set off by distinctive shiny rosettes. He is well-known for his unbelievably gentle nature. He’d beat any other cat to the "Diamond Fur" and "Golden Temper" award! You will get lost in his intelligent, deep-blue eyes.


Silver Bengal Kittens

We specialize in stunning, quality Silver Bengal's, chosen very carefully from the best American blood-lines, concentrating on their wild confirmation and profile. Description from I searched for this on