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These 8 Figurative Language Posters are a great way for you to introduce different types of figurative language and can also be displayed in the classroom and used as a reference for your students. There is a poster for each type of figurative language including similes, idioms, metaphors, hyperbole, alliterations, personifications, and onomatopoeia, as well as a title poster that says Figurative Language. Also included in my Figurative Language Unit for 4th/5th grades! (TpT Resource)

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Identifying Similes and Metaphors

Similes and Metaphors:This product contains 4 worksheets that ask the students to distinguish between similes and metaphors.Included:* Similes or Metaphors? Color the box with the correct figure of speech (2 pages)* Cut and paste the sentences under the correct figure of speech ( simile or metaphor)* Similes and metaphors - assessment pageHappy teaching!Quality Learning ResourcesSimiles / Metaphors / Figures of Speech / Similes and Metaphors

Students sort holiday-themed sentences written on bulbs onto their matching wires by their type of figurative language: similes, personification, and onomatopoeia.Feedback and ratings are much appreciated!Be sure to follow my blog for more ideas and freebies as well!


This is a short video with several different clips form movies that give examples of similes. This is very effective because the movies used are popular in our age group therefore making students have more interest in watching it. #EducationCanBeFun #CreativeTeaching #Similes


Friday Art Feature - Comic Book Onomatopoeia

Runde's Room - "I Am As" simile poems - Love this spin on "I am" poems. Great, fun practice with figurative language:)