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While Simon was in a concentration camp, the Nazis chose 54 Jews to shoot in celebration of Hitler's 54th birthday. Simon was one of the 54 chosen. As he was waiting to get shot, someone called his name and he was returned back safe to the camp. The reason that he was not killed was because they thought that he was the best person to paint a picture in honor of Adolf Hitler


Simon Wiesenthal and his wife. They lost 89 members in their family in the Holocaust. They eventually reunited in 1945 where they lived a long life. Cyla died in 2003 and Simon. passed in 2005. He became the famous Nazi Hunter, helping to capture Adolph Eichmann.


Simon Wiesenthal helped catch some of the most important people to be a part of the Nazis. He helped bring one of the most important leaders of the Nazis to trial. The man that he helped bring to trial was Adolf Eichmann.


Simon formed the Jewish Documentation Centre in Linz and Vienna. He also founded the Simon Wiesenthal Centres in Los Angeles and Jerusalem.


2/26/11 - Simon Wiesenthal Center - For details click


Simon Wiesenthal, the famous Nazi hunter, talks about Anne Frank and Karl Silberbauer.


Nazi captured in US Hermine Braunsteiner Ryan-Former guard at the Majdanek & Ravensbruck concentration camps. Then moved to the US in 1959 & became a citizen, after marrying an American. She settled in Queens until 1964 when a tip by Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal to the NY Times led to her exposure. In 1973, she became the first Nazi war criminal extradited from the US to WGermany. She went through multiple criminal trials and was eventually sentenced to life in prison in 1981.


Adolf Eichmann had false papers with the name of Ricardo Klement which he used to enter Argentina in 1950.

A tribute and homage to Simon Wiesenthal, Who Helped Hunt Nazis After War, Dies at 96


Simon Wiesenthal helped catch some of the main Nazi war criminals such as Franz Stangl