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Introducing Exponents (Math Giraffe - The Math Classroom: Blog)

Introducing Exponents | Math Giraffe - The Math Classroom: Blog | Bloglovin’

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Exponent Rules Math Lib

Exponent Rules Math LibIn this activity, students will practice simplifying expressions using the properties of exponents as they rotate through 10 stations. This includes the product rule, power rule, quotient rule, negative exponent rule, and zero exponent rule.

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Properties of Exponents Coloring Page

This 11 question worksheet asks students to identify the operation they would use to simplify problems using the rules of exponents. Once they find their answer they use the corresponding color to complete a coloring page. A great way to check for understanding and a fun homework or classwork assignment during the fall or any time of year!

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Exponent Rules Foldable

This foldable to help students to multiply, divide and simplify rational numbers using exponents rules. Invisible power, power of a power, zero exponent, negative exponent.


This FREE set of printable Multi-Match game cards helps students simplify expressions with negative integer exponents. Just print on five sheets of paper and have students cut the cards. Choose from four fun, familiar games for 1-4 players. Also see the bundle of Grade 8 games. ~by Angie Seltzer

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Operations with Exponents Create and Color

In this activity, students will simplify expressions by applying the laws of exponents as they tap into their creative side! Students will simplify expressions involving multiplying exponents, dividing exponents, and raising powers of exponents locate their answers in a box on the next page.

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Exponent Rules Simplifying Expressions Color By Number

Exponent Rules Simplifying Expressions Color... by Hayley Cain - Activity After Math | Teachers Pay Teachers

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Simplifying Exponents Cut-Out Puzzle

Simplifying Exponents Cut-Out Puzzle by Mrs E Teaches Math | Teachers Pay Teachers