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This table gives statistics on single parents and their status of work between 2005-2011. The total numbers of single parents who are employed is 510.3 in 2011, up from just 405.9 in 2005. The percentage of unemployed single parent decreased. The total of single parents who are unemployed is 51.9 in 2011, down from 55.4 in 2005. In both employed and unemployed single parents, single mothers have high numbers than single fathers.


Living standards will decline for single parents, unemployed people in next decade, report says. The report's author, Ben Phillips, said the changes made to pensions, and family and single parent payments in the last two federal budgets were a major factor in the forecasted decline in living standards. However, many of the budgetary measures Mr Philips predicts, which will result in a decline in living standards, are yet to pass the Senate.


The problem with single parent dating sites Single parent dating sites help us to target our search for a partner. Dating sites come in a variety of flavors and single parent dating is one of them. However, these types of dating sites often give very limited functionality before payment is required. Payment that many single parents on a tight budget can ill afford. Ever get the feeling that someone is trying to kick you while you’re down? Singl

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Centrelink welfare cuts - government targets single parents again Turnbull proposing to cut $48 a week from single parents

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Family benefits cut: 80% of single parents fear running out of food

Family benefits cut: 80% of single parents fear running out of food The Coalition says the cuts will save $4.8bn but a survey of parents show many depend on the payments to make ends meet Nearly two-thirds of single mothers surveyed said they were already running out of food before they could afford more.


Thousands of single parent families have been pushed into poverty after having their payments reduced under the welfare-to-work policies of successive governments. After 10 years the workforce participation rate for sole parents has barely improved and a former senior minister admits the policy is too harsh. Rachel Carbonell reports.

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Single parents across region owed £100m in unpaid child maintenance

Revealed: Single parents across Greater Manchester are owed more than £100m in unpaid child maintenance

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