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Meet Miss Parker: PLURAL NOUNS with Pablo the Penguin FREEBIE!!! Awesome resource from a great new blogger.


Study "Singular & Plural Nouns" with this fun and educational cartoon. • This animated English video for kids teaches "What is it? What are they?"


Singular I write أكتب (aktubu) you (masc.) write تكتب (taktubu) you (fem.) write تكتبين (taktubiina) he writes يكتب (yaktubu) she writes تكتب (taktubu) Dual we write نكتب (naktubu) you write تكتبان (taktubaani) they (masc.) write يكتبان (yaktubaani) they (fem.) write تكتبان (taktubaani) Plural we write نكتب (naktubu) you (masc.) write تكتبون (taktubuuna) you (fem.) write تكتبن (taktubna) they (masc.) write يكتبون (yaktubuuna) they (fem.) write يكتبن (yaktubna)


In this interactive center, students will perform sentence surgery! They will "transplant" the correct noun or verb so that each sentence has noun/verb agreement! This center pairs great with a lesson on singular and plural nouns with matching verbs, part of 1st grade CCSS.


I Have... Who Has: Possessive Nouns (singular AND plural) Whole Class Activity from Deb Hanson on (6 pages) - This game contains 28 cards related to possessive nouns. This is a great activity if you are looking for an opportunity to engage your entire class! The cards are written so that students have to truly listen carefully and use what they know about the r

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Singular vs. Plural Noun -- Color It! Sorting Worksheet

A great follow-up to my Irregular Plural Nouns sorting center and recording sheet, this worksheet lets the students apply what they practiced by color coding the singular and plural nouns. The plural nouns are a mixture of irregular plural nouns (mice, geese, feet, lives, etc.) and regular add s or es plurals.