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Are you looking for a way to ease spring allergies without taking any antihistamines or getting an allergy shot? Not all natural remedies have been shown to be effective, but there are a few that are show promising results.


Sinusitis - How to relieve sinus inflammation? · Ear, Nose, Throat, and Dental problems articles | Body & Health Conditions center |


Sinusalia relieves sinus congestion and pain related to sinus inflammation.

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Fall allergy season is upon us, and many of us may wake up to red, itchy, and irritated eyes. Is it just allergies? Do I have contagious pink eye? Learn about the different types of conjunctivitis, how to treat it, and when to call an eye doctor:


Ear Cropping: Is it Right for Your Dog? | petMD "As a veterinarian with 32 years of experience treating hundreds of thousands of dogs during that time, I cannot find medical justification for cropping a dog's pinnas (outer ear)." Good article about cropping - personally, I think cropped ears look horrible on dogs, and if there is no medical reason to do it, it seems senseless way to cause your animal to endure the pain and suffering of unnecessary surgery.


Nose and Sinus Inflammation in Cats | petMD