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Private German Moon Mission To Revisit Apollo 17 Landing Site, Film Lunar Buggy

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The Helix is extremely proud to present 'The Kelpies', a timelapse short film by award winning filmmaker Walid Salhab. Using a unique hyperlapse technique, this video features footage captured within a live construction site. Filming under these conditions is rarely possible; filming under these conditions using the hyperlapse technique is close to impossible. Created from over 60 days of stop-motion filming across 7 months, and tracking construction through to completion, this film uses... un site pour retrouver le film dont le titre vous échappe

Type of document: Photograph Date of origin: 1920 This is a photo of a man fixing the film inside a projector that was actually used in the 20s. This is a good example of how the 20s were roaring because entertainments was a huge part of the 20s, and films were very popular during that time as well (BBC).

Une Femme Est Une Femme "For some reason, despite a brief foray into foreign films several years ago, I managed to never watch any of Jean Luc Goddard’s films, which I know are considered the holy grail of 60s French cinema. So thanks to canceling my cable and getting Netflix instead, I’ve been watching all the Goddard films I can get. Which means I’m mildly obsessed with the early 60s right now; a period I haven’t really given much thought to in awhile."