"Six Days Seven Nights" classic survival drama/comedy movie starring Harrison Ford and the stunning Anne Heche

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357 Days of Romantic Films: Till Valentine's: ...SIX DAYS SEVEN NIGHTS... Once in awhile, when all the stars align, a formula film works. LOVE STORY AD CRASH AND STRANDED ON TROPICAL ISLAND. Rom-Com-Action offers september romance hi-jinks here, throw in blood thirsty pirates, a heart on the mend and its a linear shot to an engaging film. Thanks Han Solo. Chemistry works here & who knew Anne Hache could B smart & cute beach blonde. QT:"I've flown with you twice & you've crashed half the…

Harrison Ford in six days seven nights

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Pin for Later: The Ultimate Bikini Movie Gallery Anne Heche, Six Days Seven Nights How do you turn tension into sexual tension? Two words: Black. Bikini.

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