Painting by Kieran Brent #endmigraines #migraines, Emphasis is used to highlight the person's face, because it is blurred against the regular pallor of the persons skin. This gives a visualization of what a migraine would look like.

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What to look for: Monitor patients vital signs, may have increased BP and pulse, decrease peripheral pulses. Patient may be short of breath. Is the patient in pain? If so, where is the pain, what kind of pain is it, what makes it feel better or worse, how severe is it, and when did it start or how long have they had it? Patient will be weak and tired. Is the patient obese? Assess skin pallor and temperature.

Symptoms Anemia A yellowing of the whites of the eyes (icterus) Fatigue, lethargy Jaundice Pale skin (pallor) Exams and Tests During a physical exam, the doctor will look for an enlarged spleen. Tests include the following: Bilirubin in the blood CBC Genetic testing for mutation in the pyruvate kinase gene Large red blood cells (macrocytosis) Levels of haptoglobin in the blood Osmotic fragility Pyruvate kinase activity Stool urobilinogen

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Manic Panic Vegan Dreamtone White Foundation- used full strength is non-toxic alternative to an Elizabethan pallor. mix a little with your normal foundation to create a better match for very pale skin or to pale out your skin a little more for a romantic 18th century or Victorian aesthetic.

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As ever with Warhol, where the art meets the legend is where things get really interesting. Take the screenprinted 1972 portrait of Richard Nixon, for example, a typically Warholian study of the photographed figure emblazoned with overlaid colour and an exaggerated, neon-piped outline. In this instance, Warhol chose to give the then-President a ghastly blue skin pallor, matching disconcertingly infernal orange eyes with a showman-pink jacket. Most pointedly of all, the hand-scrawled legend…

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1902: Poisonous wafers advertised as being “simply magical” for the complexion. Guaranteed to improve “even the coarsest and most repulsive skin and complexion!" Source: 11 Bizarre and Dangerous Items Sold by Sears in 1902 | Mental Floss

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