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How to Remove Skin Tags Yourself Naturally : This infographic details how to remove skin tags yourself naturally using simple household items such as: Tea Tree Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon Juice, and Garlic. How to Remove Skin Tags Yourself Naturally Notes :  What are skin tags? An acrochordon (skin tag) is a small benign tumor […]


Remove Skin Tags with Apple Cider Vinegar - Take a tiny cotton ball and soak into organic apple cider vinegar. Secure the cotton ball with a band aid and leave overnight. Your #skin #tag should turn black and fall off in 3-5 days without bleeding or any scars. If the tag doesn't turn black, repeat the process one more day. Do not pick on the tag! Discontinue if there is skin irritation.

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At home skin tag removal experiment with Apple Cider Vinegar

How To Remove Skin Tags With One Simple Ingredient- apply Apple cider vinegar with a bandaid or q-tip. X

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How To Use Frankincense Oil For Removing Age Spots?

How to use frankincense oil? Frankincense oil acts as a lightening agent to help reduce age spots. Read more on making the age spots less conspicuous.

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What Are Skin Tags & How to Remove them Safely?

Let's be honest: no one loves skin tags...but how to remove them? Check out this article to learn what skin tags are, how to safely get rid of them, and 3 natural remedies that you can make at home! ----->


Skin tag removal using Young Living Essential Oils: frankincense, PanAway or Oregano. Apply to skin tag with a drop on a toothpick and dilute as needed. Oregano is VERY hot. Dilute and apply a drop of peppermint on top, if the Oregano is too hot. Continue until the skin tag is gone.

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Quick, Easy, Cheap Home Remedy To Get Rid Of Skin Tags

She Had Skin Tags Around Her Neck, But She Removed Them With This Simple Solution