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A female police officer chasing boys, who have been bathing naked in the Serpentine, Hyde Park, London, 1926

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1 - Skinny Dippers Medium Abyssinian 2 - Skinny Dippers Dark Siamese 3 - Skinny Dippers Medium Chartreux 4 - Skinny Dippers Dark Sphynx 5 - Sunsplasher Medium Abyssinian 6 - Sunsplasher Dark Mau

6 SHORE ROAD Skinny Dippers Romper

Skinny Dippers Romper

6 SHORE ROAD Skinny Dippers Romper

Skinny Spinach Artichoke Dip Recipe. This is a light appetizer recipe that is always a big hit at a party!

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5 Outdoor Idaho Adventures

#Idaho has more soakable hot springs than any other state. Skinny Dipper Hot Springs, pictured here, is a short 1.5 hour drive from Boise. #visitidaho #hotsprings

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Today is not a good calligraphy day... So I buried everything under a pile of underwear . 177: rare birds stealing underwear from skinny dippers" Rare birds of prey have been caught stealing the underwear of skinny dippers at a popular wild swimming spot in a Highland glen. The red kites have taken pants and socks which have helped keep four chicks warm this summer. This year, they seem to have taken a particular interest in designer underwear... Apparently these birds are well known for…

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